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We have a privileged relationship with several equipment rental companies as well as some in-house equipment which permits us very good negotiations reducing production costs.

Andrés Castañeda the founder of R7D, was a member of the Habanero team before starting his company with whom we maintain a close relationship. They specialise in compact camera packages and lighting kits for digital projects and they are constantly getting latest gen equipment that permit agile movability without compromising quality for documentary style projects.

CTT has been part of the industry for years. They are a very reliable rental company with 3 stages in the southern part of Mexico City. We have had a working relationship with them for the last 8 years providing drone services to fly their RED & Alexa Mini cameras. This affords us a preferential treatment in all of our transactions with them.

Revolution has always been on the forefront of making available the absolute latest equipment and gadgets to the Mexican market like the High Speed Cinebot; the entire ARRI line up including the 5 Studio XTs, or the Phantom Flex 4K. The founder of the company Fernando Hernandez and Ray Sinatra have known each other more than 30 years as both of their father where in the films industry.

EFD is probably la largest rental company in Mexico and also has offices in Spain, Colombia and the USA. From their beginnings of the company we have had a close relationship with Teran who runs the company.

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