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GGM Studios are one of the largest independent production studios in Mexico and one of the most modern production facilities in Latm.


The studio features six state of the art sound stages and 30,000 sq/feet of office space. A complete complement of support services as camera gear, lighting and grip equipment. The studio is also a certified picture and sound finishing facility that offers editing suites with off and online editing as well as 4K color correction.


We have established an on going production deal since the studios first opened and we have direct ties to the managing partner of the Estudios GGM; that alone has always gotten us amost sincere welcoming at the studios.



In 2015, Pablo Calvillo founded our post production and animation department not only permitting us to finish our own projects but servicing a slew of customers here in Mexico and around the world predominantly Unites States, France, Australia and Canada.


In 2016 his short films The Inksect won best experimental animated short film in the Cannes film festival


With an Australian Advertising agency they produced Live Studio for Oreo brand cookies. The project interacted directly with the consumers, they sent in an idea and in less than 24 hours a song was written, performed and animated in to a 20 second short. 30 pieces were produced reaching more than 5 million views.


They have produced 2 animated series for the US market and are currently working on an animated feature.


The head of our Post Dept Pablo Calvillo graduated from Cal Arts and proceeded to work on several animated movies in the USA and Australia like: Astro Boy; Happy Feet 2, Ice Age: Continental Drift; Epic y The Lego Movie, and in the visual effect department for Mad Max: Fury Road.

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